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One Mindful Act is a movement focused on the realization that we can make very small, even unnoticeable changes in our everyday life, which can have a profound effect on someone struggling with hunger.

There are hundreds of organizations working to find innovative and sustainable ways to end the hunger crisis in the world. While those organizations are doing their amazing work, this project addresses specific ways we can feed the hungry. Until the root cause of hunger is transformed, people need to be fed.

Our goal is to encourage each other to make small adjustments in our life so that others may get their basic needs met. Whether it is one act a day, a week, or a month, small mindful acts can change a life. By connecting with daily acts of giving you may find your life transformed. We hope you feel inspired to find your One Mindful Act.







  one mindful act | po box 20431, boulder, co 80308 | email@onemindfulact.com